Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Quilling - Ganesha πŸ™

My Mom has a huge collection of Lord Ganesha's figurines. I must say...Quite a lot. 
Each one of them, unique in its own kind... Be it with what it is made of or the posture.

It has become a habit for us, like wherever we go, either my brother or my sis-in-law or me,  
We shop for her a Ganesha. 

So, how can I miss to make her a Quilling Ganesha!!! 

As I'm a beginner in quilling, I was browsing a lot for a simple method. Finally, this creation caught my eyes. 

And, here I am with my "Oh... So cute Ganesha" 

Materials required and method :

7 to 8 - 5mm for body
2 -  3mm for head
2 - 3mm for crown

*Stick head to the crown.

1 - 3mm  for each ear, slightly loosened and shaped into traingle

*Stick to the sides of the head.

1 - 3mm for left hand
1 - 3mm for right hand
1 - 3mm for trunk

*All 3 loosened to 2cm circle and shaped appropriately.

1 - 3mm for left palm
1 - 3mm for right palm

*Stick palm to hands.
*Stick the head and hands to the body.
*Decorate as u wish.