Sunday, 18 December 2016

Saviour, cast away the  darkness... 

It's Christmas season, but my title holds a different feeling ... 

My city, Chennai, was shattered last week by the cyclone, 'Vardah', which was quite devastating. In the recent years, Chennai has become a soft target or magnet of Nature's violent behavior. Like the Tsunami in December '04, Heavy heavy rainfall in November '15 and this year... 'Vardah'. The cyclone uprooted a lot of trees, electric poles n transformers. Its so sad to see a dry Chennai in a week's time.  

During this cyclone hit, we were left with powet-cut and no-water condition, as we require the electric motor to pump the water up to the tank. Water... people managed by using the old traditional way... Yes, using a bucket and a rope to get the water from the tank directly (our very own "Well" technology). So that was a relief. But, power... Yes, the name is apt for electricity... No Electricity, no power. 

The nights were drained in darkness. People had UPS but that too went off in a couple of days as there was no electricity to recharge... Some places are still experiencing power-cuts as I'm blogging this. Rented Gensets... again scarcity... So darkness...darkness...darkness.

I... neither have UPS nor rented genset. But my nights were lit brightly with minimal effort and almost at no-cost. Guess what?!  SOLAR LAMP, yes... a simple but powerful solution.

Solar Lamp
Solar Panel
 My father bought her almost more than 15 years back. Comparing the re-chargable electric lamps to my solar lamp, I've bought around 4-5 of the former.  They tend to stop working after sometime.  But, all these years, she keeps working fine with just a couple of minor repairs. She travelled with me to Bangalore after my marriage. And now to Chennai 3 years back. She became my husband's favorite emergency lamp. He keeps insisting to take care of her.  

Having an 8 year old boy (my son) and experiencing the power-cuts and darkness, trust me, it's very difficult.
My Solar Lamp with a shape of a light-house, sits in a corner of my sitting room so humbly and the solar panel on the terrace... She brightened my nights.  She was there working perfectly, when I needed her the most. She didn't let me down. This experience was an eye opener. Now, I have an extra dose of respect for my dear Saviour... Yes... She did cast the Darkness, away. 

Get a solar lamp, it's an one-time investment, a promising long n strong bond. Go for it and experience the difference.