Sunday, 25 September 2016

Blogger Vs Grammar

Frankly, I'm not a master in English language and at the same time... not bad too.  I try my best to give all my posts with proper grammar. I take it seriously. πŸ˜‡.  "Perfection is not a skill; it's a compulsion." 

It has become a habit that even after days of publishing, I go back and read my old posts and find out something odd. Again, I try to correct or add in some more and update. πŸ˜“
Is this experience same with all other bloggers or only me?😯

English grammar... Fine😞... But Tehnology Grammar is a bit complicated😨 is it 'in my blog' or 'on my blog'? Recently learnt that it's 'on my blog'. Still a lot more to learn. As I've mentioned in my first post, I am new to the blog world. Taking baby steps... 😊 πŸ‘